Do crypto ATMs have a future?

Would you like to see what to expect from the future? Look at countries such as the United States and Japan, which have become flagships of progress and pioneers of the most promising technologies. While you read these lines, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the segment of crypto ATMs are developing in quantum leaps in the USA and Japan. And the question is not how long the blockchain and cryptocurrency will stay. The question is: when exactly will they begin to function at the level of fiat funds. Japan and the United States are doing everything possible to regulate the field of cryptocurrencies, as a result of which these countries are leading in the number of crypto ATMs worldwide.

Didn’t expect to see Venezuela here? It so happened historically that cryptocurrency has become a good tool for preserving the value of money in countries where you can see the economic collapse or the total depreciation of the national currency. While the Venezuelan government is trying to promote the first ever national cryptocurrency El Petro, statistics show that citizens trust Dash and Bitcoin more. It was extremely difficult to buy cryptocurrency in this country, but only until the introduction of crypto ATMs. Representatives of CryptoBuyer undertook their placement. The first crypto ATMs appeared in Caracas. CryptoBuyer said it’s easier to use a crypto ATM than a regular ATM. And this is confirmed by surveys of local residents.

The central bank of the country initiated the opening of a crypto ATM. An island country was the first to take steps to regulate the industry. Commercial Union Bank worked closely with the national banking structure to open a crypto ATM.

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Post: Do crypto ATMs have a future?