What is CriptoArea?

CriptoArea  is a Fintech company in the world of the new Digital Economy.

The company is based on three fundamental pillars for its business model:

  • Advise and provide the necessary tools for immersion in the world of cryptocurrencies.

  • Contribute to companies and commerce in general, the technological solutions necessary for the daily use of the different existing currencies and their different forms of payment.

  • Cover the demand by an increasingly digital tourist who has already adopted the use of technology, creating comprehensive solutions for the tourism sector.

Are you a private individual?

CryptoArea offers cryptocurrency services to users in order to enjoy the new digital economy, with security, confidence and guarantee.

Safe, simple and effective.






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Do you have a COMPANY?

The best serviced and advantages for your business

The company chosen by the COMPANIES

CryptoArea provides companies with the necessary solutions for the use of cryptocurrencies with security and confidence.


Find out about the best APP’s, Wallets, Exchange… in the market.

A world


and connected

I can finally send

the weekly pay to my grandchildren

when they’re studying in California.

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